About Amateur Radio

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, refers to the recreational and non-commercial use of radio equipment by individuals for communication, experimentation, and public service. It is a globally recognized hobby that involves the exploration of wireless communication and radio technology.

Amateur radio operators, called "hams," use designated radio frequencies to communicate with other hams around the world. They can establish voice contacts, send and receive digital data, engage in Morse code (telegraphy), and even bounce signals off the Earth's atmosphere to communicate over long distances.

Amateur radio provides a wide range of activities and opportunities for its practitioners. Some hams enjoy casual conversations with fellow operators, known as "ragchewing," while others engage in contests to test their skills and equipment. Many amateur radio operators participate in emergency communications during disasters or provide public service assistance during events, offering a vital communication link when traditional infrastructure is disrupted.

To become an amateur radio operator, one must pass an examination to obtain a license issued by the relevant national authority. These licenses establish the operator's proficiency and understanding of radio regulations, operating practices, and technical knowledge. The amateur radio community fosters a spirit of self-education, technical innovation, and community service among its members.

Amateur radio has played a significant role in the development of radio technology and has made substantial contributions to fields such as emergency communications, scientific research, and international goodwill. It continues to be a fascinating and rewarding hobby for people interested in electronics, communication, and connecting with others around the world.

Our Club

Our Club has been around since the amalgamation of Cambridge itself, over fifty years ago.  We have a vibrant club that is always looking at experimenting with new activities, modes, and radios.  We are one of the few clubs with an active contingent of female operators, who work with our youth group.

Our People

Scott - VA3YKF - President

Jennifer - VA3XXD - Vice President/Treasurer

Nancy - VE3BWZ - Secretary

Keith - VE3JKB - Repeater Manager

Cam, Iain and Nik - Youth Operator Team

...and of course all of our other members that join us in events too!