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Club History

The Cambridge Amateur Radio Club has a long history. We have put this page together for you to read more about the history of our Club. This information is made possible, through Tom Franks, our Club Historian, who put the information together.

Kindly note, that there is a lot of information, and has been broken down into various chapters of the Club's lifespan.

Part 0 Before SWARC

Part 1 The Birth of SWARC

Part 2 The ‘Ups’ and ‘Downs’ of running a club (late 1960’s thru late 1970’s)

Part 3 The 1980’s -- a time of change, prosperity and a large numbers of ‘boomers’ looking for a hobby.

Part 4 More from the 1980’s – so many activities –

Part 5 The Club Bulletin

Part 6 The Banquets

Part 7 Ups and Downs of Club Memberships, and a roster of Executives

Part 8 CQ Field Day – this is VE3SWA

Part 9 Miscellany – activities, awards, certificates ...