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Club Executives

Cambridge Amateur Radio Club

Do you have a question about Amateur Radio? A question about our club? Below you will find links to our Executives.

Please note: Our Executives will never send you an unsolicited email requesting money, or any other type of request.  If you receive such an email, please delete.

President - Scott Mitchell, VA3GGT


I obtained my basic license in 2015, and my advanced license in 2018. I got into amateur radio through Dan (VA3IRE) who encouraged me to get my license and get on the air.  Prior to amateur radio, I have been a big scanner enthusiast, monitoring different airwaves.  With the upcoming change in the radio systems to a fully secure network (being discussed since 2015!) I figured it was time to move along and try something new with radios.  Currently, I am learning CW and looking forward to making contacts once I master the dits and dahs.

Vice President and Secretary - Kyle Krulicki, VE3BKK


I have been listening to home based and portable scanners since I was a teenager.  I worked at a local electronic retail store where I became intrigued listening to local emergency bands.  I remember knowing of a man in town who was Ham radio operator but thought nothing of it, as was a going to college and was busy with my studies. I struck up a conversation around 2014 with a co-worker that had his Ham Radio license for over 30 years.  He encouraged me to get my license and he would help me get set up.  I told him I was going to wait for retirement but after a couple more years of encouragement, then finding another co-worker who was getting his license, I decided to finally get mine. I took to studying for my Basic License and passed the test, achieving Basic with Honours in July 2016. I was so pleased to see many in Amateur Radio more than happy to help and excited to have me join the hobby.  As I am relatively a “newbie”, I have a lot to learn but am interested in pursuing DX contesting, CW and making friends all over the world.

Treasurer - Dale Butt, VE3IOU


I have been involved in ham radio since I was a teenager as well as a scanner junkie. Bob, my elmer at the time, was so helpful with the scouts and cadets, a new friendship started. Bob, now a silent key since the early 90's. he  tried several times to teach me morse code, but I was not successful, and that stopped me from getting my license. Now that I found CARC and their course, I received my License in December 2017. Found a few new friends, and connected with a couple of old friends....and all the hams are very helpful. My next goal, tackling morse code ....73

Member at Large - Erik Rakottyai


-- Bio coming soon! --